Saturday, June 12, 2010

Being a speaker with a full room at ASTD 2010 in Chicago

My last ASTD international conference was in 2007, in Atlanta, where I made a presentation about Informal Training, at the time I was one of the few people that presented something about the importance of Informal Training and I was so happy that 120 people were at my presentation.

Now in Chicago, I presented my recent experience with Informal Training, but everything was different, this year Informal Training is a hot topic, most referred as Informal Learning or even Social Learning and my session was full with a queue of people waiting for some opening, so only 216 people were allowed to enter, the session was recorded and I did a Webinar on June 8 as part of the virtual part of the conference in order to reach more people.

Also it was a great opportunity to meet some good friends from Brazil, South Africa, Denmark USA, UK, Philippines… that I haven’t seen for a while, also I had the rare opportunity to talk face to face with speakers like Daniel Pink, Charlene Li, Donald Kirkpatrick, among others.

I got fun, inspirations and more speaking opportunities, so I will be for sure in ASTD 2011 in Orlando.

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rlkris said...

喜歡看大家的文章,每篇都是一個故事,都是一種心情~~祝大家開心愉快 ........................................