Monday, May 25, 2009

First JCI Trainer in Portugal: Moment of Joy

On May 23 and 24 I had the honour of being Assistant Trainer of Walter Labres for the second time in two weeks in JCI Trainer, held in Carcavelos (Lisbon area), an official course of JCI that aims to train trainers. My friend Ronald Goovaerts was the other Assistant Trainer.

The quality of the participants was very impressive, creating great learning experience; they really deserve being the first JCI Trainer graduates in Portugal.

With this course I put together all the conditions to be Head Trainer of JCI Trainer, what is for me a great joy.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Being Head Trainer at JCI Presenter in Porto

As part of a strategy of delivering training to JCI Portugal members I had the invitation to deliver JCI Presenter in Porto on May 17.

I found a group highly motivate that help me to overcome the flu that affected my performance.

Some of these participants will be at JCI Trainer on the 23 and 24 of May.

A special thanks to Sonia Brochado and Pedro Caramez by the effort in putting together this course.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Book signing of “Marketing Digital na Versão 2.0” by Filipe Carrera

On May 13 took place on the famous book store FNAC in Lisbon the book signing of “Marketing Digital na versão 2.0 – O que não pode ignorar” (Digital Marketing in the 2.0 Version – What you can’t ignore), edited by Edições Sílabo 2009, by Filipe Carrera.

This book is for the reader that wants to know how he can use the digital means (Internet, cellular, etc.) to generate and to grow business, but at the same time doesn’t want to loose time with theory and useless technical language. That is, he wants to know in a very short and simple way how to start to use the new technologies that are available.

For a better understanding of the subject, the structural changes that are happening in terms of consumer behaviour and the way companies are performing are one of the focuses of this book.

Because of the speed of the technological and behavioural changes is big, the book has a virtual community that works as a virtual companion of the book that is available at, this is a space of interactivity between readers and the author, and where is possible to find more information about the subjects that are handled in this book and useful resources in multiple formats.

This book is available in the best book stores in Portugal.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Training in Sibiu for JCI Romania

It was my pleasure to deliver JCI Presenter as Head Trainer and JCI Trainer as Assistant Trainer of Walter Labres (from JCI Austria), in the beautiful city of Sibiu, between May 7 and 10.

We were gifted with group of participants with great motivation and quality and organization that created all the conditions for a great training event. A special thanks to Rodica, Felicia and Mihaela (and family).

Personally it was a lot of fun to work with a outstanding trainer like Walter Labres with whom I had the opportunity to learn to be a better trainer.