Saturday, December 01, 2007

Networking Seminar at Junior Chamber Kaunas

On November 30, Networking Seminar was delivered to 23 participants that were members and non-members of Junior Chamber Kaunas. The 3 hours seminar was held Graiciuno College of Management in Kaunas.

Participation was high. After seminar we were surprised with a tour to two well known institutions in Kaunas: Militaries House and Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union museum.

Both visits were to understand the importance of these two institutions in Lithuanian recent history, namely in resistance against soviet power. I was honoured to sign the guest book in both institutions.

Seminar and great Reception in Siauliai Romuvos Gymnasium

Right after the Networking seminar in Siauliai University Gymnasium, the same seminar by Filipe Carrera was made in Siauliai Romuvos Gymnasium (also, a pre-college education institute).

Like the seminar before, it was also part of a JCI Sostine project “School of Success”.

About 70 participants attended this seminar that started in very warm atmosphere. Again, the trainer and the seminar organisers from JCI were invited to the gymnasium director’s office to have coffee with gymnasium authorities and to receive warm congratulations and invitations to come again and make more seminars in the near future when possible.

Carrera’s Seminar in Siauliai University Gymnasium

On November 27th, more than 250 participants attended Carrera’s seminar “Networking – Be the Best Performer” in Siauliai University Gymnasium (pre-college education institute) that was a great success.

This seminar was part of a JCI Sostine project “School of Success” under which famous speakers give lectures to high school students.

After the seminar the trainer and organisers were invited to the gymnasium director’s office to receive many thanks and congratulations for very interesting and interactive seminar.

Lithuanian Resistance Seminar to Portuguese Air Force

In the evening of November 27th, Mr. Albinas Kentra, the director of Lithuanian Freedom Fighters - Brothers of the Forest Association (further – “Brothers of the Forest”), did a Lithuanian Resistance seminar to the Portuguese Air Force troops in Siauliai. It was a very emotional presentation done by a former partisan who lost his 3 brothers in fighting the soviet power.

First part of presentation was about 1944-55 year period when Forest Brothers organised themselves to fight the Soviets by attacking them from forests.

Second part of seminar was about Singing Revolution that started in January 1991 and ended with the Lithuanian independence that year. It was footage of real soviet attacks on Lithuanian Press House Building and the TV Tower, also barricades on Lithuanian Parliament Building.

It was a privilege to listen to the person who played such an important and intensive role in the resistance movement against soviet power. It was a great history lesson with real life experience.

At the end of the seminar, the Commander of the Portuguese Detachment thanked a lot to Mr. Albinas and pointed out that Portuguese militaries were very touched by what they heard and saw.

The Commander also gave a patch of the mission as a symbol of Portuguese gratitude to Mr. Albinas.

More than 70 participants attended this presentation including a group of 8 Portuguese Eramus students that were studying at Siauliai University.

Visiting the Siauliai Air Base

JCI Lithuania members and Filipe Carrera (JCI Portugal) visited Portuguese detachment in Siauliai airbase in the morning of November 27.

We were very welcomed by Lithuanian and Portuguese troops who showed us the F-16 operating under the Baltic Air Policing mission.

Also we had opportunity to have a very typical Portuguese meal (Bacalhau à Zé do Pipo) together with the Portuguese troops.