Friday, June 26, 2009

At Athens waiting for plane to Larnaca

My plane left with 2,5 hours delay to Athens and guess what another delay to Larnaca. The great thing is that I have the company of Andreas Christophides from JCI Cyprus that will go in the same plane.

So see you soon Cyprus :-)

On my way to Cyprus

I'm waiting at Barcelona airport for my plane that will take me to Athens and from there to Larnaca where I will go to Limassol to deliver JCI Presenter.

This will be the 41 country that I will visit, still a lot of world to cover.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gala Night: A reward for a work well done

Gala Night at the European Conference in Budapest was fabulous. It was a night full of contacts and a big joy to have one of the members of my training team Elena Beskinskaya from JCI Russia awarded the “Most Outstanding Trainer in Europe” an award that I won in 2008.

Also I had the opportunity to take great photos with friends across Europe and the world.

See you all in Tunisia :-)

Living the JCI European Conference Experience

The JCI European Conference Experience has different for me from the previous ones that I attended, because I was in this conference as trainer but also as JCI Training Commissioner for Europe, what gave me an inside look of the making of a conference of this magnitude.

It was for me great to launch my video tips for trainers project among all trainers in Europe.

Almost 2,500 people attend this conference in the beautiful city of Budapest, a city well prepared to receive visitors. Also JCI Hungary did a great work in the organization of this big event, from them I got the best of cooperation and friendship.

Also it was a great opportunity to meet friends from all over the world that came to Budapest to celebrate the international values of JCI and also to meet in a very good social program, that started with a great Hungarian night, passed by Serbian and Danish night, followed by a very original German night and closed by a impressive Gala Night.

Monday, June 08, 2009

On the way to Budapest!

I’m very happy take part in the JCI European Conference that will be held in Budapest between June 10 and 14. I will be present as trainer and as JCI Training Commissioner for Europe, having among others the responsibility being the chairman of the Trainers Forum that will be held on June 13.

This conference will be a great opportunity to meet many, many friends from JCI from all over Europe and some even from outside Europe, getting that wonderful global felling that you only get in JCI.

See you in Budapest :-)