Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Promoting across Romania the Romanian Edition of my Networking Book

Last April, because of the Icelandic ash cloud, I couldn’t go to Romania to participate in person on the launching of my Networking Book in person. Nevertheless thanks to support of JCI Targu Mures I was present at the first launching of the Romanian edition of my book using Skype.

This time there was no ash cloud on sight and I manage to do several presentations and seminars in the two main cities in Romania, Bucharest and Iasi.

In Bucharest I counted with the support of Mihaela Stroe, Cornel Costea, my publisher Rentrop&Straton and the great leader of JCI Targu Mures, Laszlo Pacso, among others.

In Iasi I counted with the support of Marius Alexas that kindly invited me to be a speaker in his “Fresh & New” conference, Dorina Moisa from Alexander I Cuzu University that organized a very interesting session where I presented for 30 minutes and was overwhelmed by one and half hour of questions.

If I was surprised by so many questions, the next day I got even more surprised at Empower Connect organized by Genoveva Salvaras, where I did the same 30 minutes presentation and got two and half hours of questions. It was a great group so the conversations had to continue over a very nice lunch.

Finally, thanks to JCI Iasi I did a presentation in gala to recognize entrepreneurs for the Iasi region. I’m very proud that in a very small part I took part in this initiative.

So if you want to buy my book in Romania just go to: