Monday, May 05, 2008

Gala night in Bursa

Because of an early flight I didn't enjoyed the gala night until the end, nevertheless I can say that I got the best good-bye ever with a real tunnel of people shouting my name and saying good-bye.

Also the President of JCI Turkey Alp Limoncuoglu and project director Ela Ucel were very kind to me. My thanks go to them for inviting me to this wonderful opportunity to meet in action the members of JCI Turkey.

Also I'm thankful to all the members of JCI Turkey that were great to me during my stay, hope to see you all soon.

Original Pick-Up Tour

After a seminar nothing like a Pick-Up tour across the Mudanya (Bursa) with great people from JCI Turkey.

Fun all the way!!!

Seminar in Bursa

With a new traveling companion added, Abidin, we continue to Bursa to a national training event of JCI Turkey where we got a great reception.

After a lunch in great companion, as seen in photo, it was time to deliver the "Self-Knowledge" seminar for 20 participants. It was a great sharing experience.

Seminar to JCI Eskisehir

After 4 hours driving with great companion, Turgul and Arif, we arrived to the heart of the Asian side of Turkey, where I was invited by JCI Eskisehir to deliver my 'Self Knowledge' seminar to an audience of about 80 members and non-members of JCI.

All were very nice to make me feel at home, namely the JCI Eskisehir president Ozgur Ozdemir.

Back to Turkey!!!

By invitation of JCI Turkey I returned to Turkey to deliver trainings in 3 Turkish cities.

First stop was in Istanbul where around 20 participants from JCI Istanbul -JCI Eurasia participated in 'The Art of Networking' seminar.

A great experience also thanks the great care of Ismail Haznedar of JCI Eurasia and Kudi my host.