Monday, January 15, 2007

The best way to close: A Viking Party

In the middle of the Norwegian forest a true Viking party was prepared by Kai and his deluxe team. Fantastic dinner, conversation and activities made the night memorable.

It was a moment to thank Kai and his deluxe team that made the impossible to make people from Sweden, Estonia, Portugal, France, Finland, Ukraine, Poland, Belgium and Germany completely at home.

To Kai, his deluxe team and whole the participants, the Portuguese Delegation, (the biggest in participants), have to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH MY FRIENDS.

Skiing in Norway

As promise we head to the Kongsberg for skiing, the snow wasn’t perfect, but La Presidenta and
El Presidente manage to make their debut on the skiing circuit.

A surprise for Dinner

Friday’s dinner was a surprising one, most of the people had for the first time whale for dinner.

It was as an exquisite dinner prepared by a different Kai, this one “The Chef”, a great person and a master cook.

After Meet comes Grow

A JCI meeting wouldn’t be a JCI meeting without training. So on Friday we devoted a whole day to training.
Our trainers for the day were by order of appearance: Kai (Norway), Filipe (Portugal), Natalie (Ukrain), Harald (Estonia) and Timo (Finland). Great day that started with the presence of the Mayor of Lardal.

The Internationals visit JCI Oslo

It was a great pleasure to meet members and potential members of JCI Oslo and see the good work that is on going in JCI Oslo and JCI Innovation.

A visit to “Little Vatican” in the heart of Oslo

With the help of the sister of Mr. Freeze, that is a sister (on the photo), we visit the Catholic Cathedral of Oslo., followed by another very nice dinner, with more new arrivals.

Norway and the Vikings

Is not possible to visit Norway and not to get in touch with the Viking culture. The visit to the museums of the polar expeditions and the Viking ships are a must.

JCI goes to TV

We had the opportunity to visit NRK the biggest media group in Norway owner of 2 TV channels and radio stations, where we had the chance to experience the sensation of TV.
Of course Mr. Freeze had to deliver the weather forecast.
And now guess who the bear is?