Monday, March 30, 2009

Training Networking in Freiburg

To finish a great March I did my Networking training to JCI Freiburg (Germany), it was a opportunity to meet members of JCI of Switzerland, Germany and France.

It was a fun training with a very good social program that allow me to live the history and tradition of Freiburg.

My host Uli Wiener and family were very kind in having me at their home. I believe that I will return to Germany for trainings again this year.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Breakfast Club in Frankfurt

After a wonderful adventure in Mongolia that was extend because of cancellation of my flight to Beijing, I finnally arrived to Frankfurt for a breakfast appointment with my friend Andreas.

To my surprise Andreas was not alone, Kai from Norway was also there and also join us our friend Anke. It was a typical JCI reunion, somewhere in the world, with a lot of friendship.

It was great to meet them!!!

Meeting JCI Leader

After a wonderful Mongolian Barbecue it was time to return to Ulan Bator and have dinner party with JCI Leader, a chapter of JCI of Ulan Bator.

This is the chapter of my good friend Sayanaa (Vice President of JCI) that made sure during stay in Mongolia that everything was great for me.

I had the opportunity to explain my experience in JCI and also to welcome two new members to JCI.

A True Mongolia Barbecue

Thanks to my friends Batbayar (National President of JCI Mongolia) and Ody (President of JCI Ulan Bator) I had the amazing opportunity to do some sightseeing of the Mongolian countryside to finish of with a true Mongolian barbecue on the mountains.

Mongolia is truly a country that deserves to be known by its natural beauty, for its great people and traditions.

Delivering Traininig to two Major Mongolian Companies

It was quite an experience to deliver training to two major Mongolian Companies in the same day, NewTel (mobile communications and Internet) and APU (beverages).

Both companies sent to my Networking top and middle management and it was a great success.

I specially liked the experience of delivering training in a Ger (traditional nomadic house) in APU company. This Ger was the same used by the Mongolia's President to welcome the US President.

First JCI Presenter in Mongolia Ever

The next honor and challenge was to be Head Trainer of the first JCI Presenter course in Mongolia that was held in Ulan Bator, on March 17, to a class of 18 ambitious JCI members of several LOMs.

I had as Assistant Trainer my friend Amga, by the way a great Mongolian trainer, that puts much of his professional experience into the training, creating a unique experience.

Also my friends Amca and Bayan of JCI Mongolia gave a great logistical support creating the conditions for a very successful course.

7th Presidential Academy of JCI Mongolia

Being Head Trainer of the 7th Presidential Academy of JCI Mongolia was for me an honor and a challenge. The academy was held on March 14 and 15 in the mining city of Erdenet.

Thanks to great participants, excellent team of Mongolian trainers and a very professional organization team this Academy was a success.

I had the opportunity to meet JCI Vice-President Farzana, from Bangladesh, that also deliver training during the academy.

The social program of the Academy was also lots of fun!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A train trip in Mongolia

I arrived to Ulan Bator at 16.00 and after a great dinner with my good friend Batbayar at 20.00 I was already in train to Erdenet, where the JCI Mongolia Presidential Academy.

Erdenet is a mining city 400 Km north of Ulan Bator, close to the Russian border. It was 12 hours train trip with a lot of talks to pass the time and with a great reception at the end.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A dream coming true – Training in Mongolia

I'm writing this post on the plane from Lisbon to Frankfurt and I can't wait to arrive in Mongolia tomorrow and meet many of my Mongolian friends.

This will be an opportunity to deliver JCI Presenter course and also some of my trainings at the Presidential Academy.

Also I will not miss the chance of learning even more of the history and culture of Mongolia, a country that once dominate a vast continent.

See you in Ulaanbaatar :-)

JCI Presenter and JCI Trainer in Vilnius

I can say that I feel very much at home in Vilnius, being this the 7th time that I’m here and I my respect for the Lithuanians grows in every trip that I make to their beautiful country with an remarkable history of courage.

This time I had the privilege of being Head Trainer of JCI Presenter, having as Assistant Trainers my good friends Harald from Estonia and Aldis from Latvia. The participants did a fantastic job and I loved their commitment.

On the weekend was time to do JCI Trainer, now having Per from Norway as Head Trainer and Harald from Estonia and Zanas from Lithuania as my colleagues as Assistant Trainers. It was a great learning experience for me and again we had top level participants.

In the words of a famous movie character “I’ll be back!” :-)

March 3 - JCI Achieve in Panevėžys, Lithuania

This was my third time in Panevėžys and again to deliver training, but this time as Head Trainer of JCI Achieve.

This course uses discussions and case studies to understand and establish the JCI local organization’s identity, its purpose and what to do to accomplish JCI’s Mission, effectively adopt and use recognizable and appreciated activities, understand the existing demographic groups and their characteristics and how to build a attractive organization that will bring in new members who are looking for the development opportunities and want to create positive change as active citizens.

And 10 JCI members of JCI Lithuania came to Panevėžys to invest their time and effort in a cold Tuesday to help JCI Lithuania to an even better organization.

I have to thank all participants for their commitment, Jolanta Bubneliene for the local logistics and also my unstoppable project director Aurelija Muzaite-Zavanelli.