Saturday, November 18, 2006

Fast Review of World Congress 2006, Seoul

Tired but happy we stand at Frankfurt Airport, is almost time to return home.

To Susana Mendes this congress was “a great to review my JCI friends once again, to meet another culture, but most of all, to receive the full affiliation certificate and the support and recognition of all”.

On the other hand Filipe Carrera considered that this was “a milestone for JCI Portugal, that was illustrated by the care and respect that other national organizations demonstrate towards us”.

Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!

The last of the After-Parties

At the 7 Luck Casino was held the last after party, it was a moment of good-bye.

Karaoke Bus in Seoul

After the Gala Night the General Legal Council 2006 and Executive Vice President for Europe 2007, Graham Hanlon, shared with all his singing talents.

JCI Portugal at Gala Night

In the photos we can see that Filipe Carrera had the opportunity to be with the entire delegation from JCI Macao, World President 2006 Lars Hajslund, Secretary-general Edson Kodama, Japanese friends from Japan Academy, friends from Lebanon, Catalonia and Turkey.

Susana Mendes in 2007 President Meeting

Susana Mendes represented JCI Portugal in 2007 National President Meeting.

Success in Susana Czerny and Filipe Carrera’s training

Susana Czerny and Filipe Carrera’s training about the “Mulitple advantage in competition with professional communications” with 26 participants and several invitations to give training in other JCIs around the world.

JCI France organizes best dinner party of Seoul

JCI France organized the best dinner party of the World Congress, JCI Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon and Portugal were present. Great Evening!!!!! Thanks JCI France!!!!

JCI Portugal supports World Congress in Antalya 2007

Susana Mendes and Filipe Carrera with the entire JCI Turkey delegation, that was in Seoul presenting the World Congress 2007, that it will be a great moment.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Visiting Seoul

In the afternoon there was a tour that included a Palace, commercial area and the most important Buddhist temple of Korea.

After Party a tradition even in Korea

After the Japan Night there was an after party a moment to meet.

It’s Japan Night

Japan Night is a moment to present Japanese culture to the world during the World Conference.

The Awards Ceremony

As always the Awards Ceremony was a moment of recognition of excellence. At the end the JCI World President invited the teams of 2007 to go to the stage and Susana Mendes was there.

New Board and appointees of JCI 2007

The new Board and appointees of JCI 2007 were presented to the General Assembly.

We made it! Full Affiliation of JCI Portugal

It was a magical moment, JCI Portugal full affiliation was the last of a group of other 4 full affiliations. Emotions in the room were high. We receive congratulations coming from Europe, the Americas, Asia/Pacific and Africa.

Thanks to all that believe in us!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

See you in New Delhi in 2008

It’s final, in 2008 JCI World Congress it will be in New Delhi.

Andrew Lothian the wake up call

Andrew Lothian came early in the morning to make us experience the colours of leadership.

It's election time

As always present at party night

JCI Portugal was present at JCI Seoul, Africa and Turkey night, as always is fun when we are among friends.