Monday, July 21, 2008

Being Head Trainer at the Russian Leadership Academy

Great Experience!!!

Is how I can define the feeling of being at the Russian Leadership Academy, as head trainer. This Academy was held between the 13 and 18 of July at the resort on peninsula Urman, on Pavlovskoye lake 100 km from city called Ufa, in the middle of Russia. By the way a beautiful place almost untouched by man.

I had many different experiences, like livening the forest in a Yurta (traditional house of the Republic of Bashkortostan), swimming in lake, walking on fire, giving training to a Russian audience, experience the regional cuisine and many others.

For the almost 50 participants, the academy was a big success, thanks to the organization team, trainers and of course to Galina Mushtrieva founder an soul of this academy.

On my way back I had the opportunity to meet in Moscow members of JCI Capital (Moscow) that made us a short and interesting tour of downtown Moscow.