Sunday, March 23, 2008

Great Dinner Party in Istanbul!!!

On March 22 my family and I had the opportunity to meet friends of JCI Turkey. Thanks to them my family had a truly international night with JCI, a memorable experience!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

JCI Estonia Party Time

On the night of March 15 was time for party with beautiful women from all the Baltic countries and we were called to help to elect Miss Rapla. Again “Everything is Possible in Estonia” :-)

JCI Estonia Spring Conference

March 15 was held the JCI Estonia Spring Conference in the city of Rapla. Also my Self-Knowledge seminar had around 70 participants that enjoyed very much the subject.
March 14 was the day of the seminar to the sponsor of the training project, which was Postimees Daily Newspaper, where almost 20 people participated with very high spirit.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Meeting JCI Tallinn members

In the evening of March 13 was time to deliver Networking training to JCI Tallinn and to meet old friends like Merit, Margus or Triin and make new ones among the 30 participants.

And there is nothing like finishing the night with dinner in the centre of Tallinn among friends.

Back To Tallinn

Starting the day (March 13) with Networking training to around 60 people in Mainori Korgkool (university college) was a great.

Next stop JCI Tartu/Toomemäe/Viljandi

In the evening I had the pleasure to meet around 25 JCI members from Tartu area and I was very welcomed and the Networking training was again a success. The president of JCI Tartu Hannes Puidet (in the photo) was very kind to me.

Also, it was a great to meet IPP Madis, my Monaco’s room mate.

Everything is still possible in Estonia!!!

A new training project with JCI Estonia was initiated in Tartu University on the March 12, 2008; around 40 people attended the Networking training.

After I had lunch with my project director Eda Suurorg, who promise me “the true Estonian winter” with temperatures of minus 20º and fail completely, because not only I didn’t found any snow the temperature was well above 0º.:-)