Friday, November 27, 2009

Training at the JCI World Congress in Hammamet, Tunisia

Every year JCI members worldwide meet in one place, this time was between November 16 and 22 in Hammamet, Tunisia.

As always was a great experience where I had the opportunity to deliver training, JCI Trainer, 15 minutes of Fame for Trainers, Self-knowledge and JCI Head Trainer.

Fun and personal development were together in Tunisia.

On the last day I had the opportunity to present my JCI experience to JCI Tunisia members in Tunis.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Book signing of “Networking – Guia de Sobrevivência Profissional” by Filipe Carrera

On November 12, at 6.30pm, will take place on the famous book store FNAC Colombo in Lisbon the book signing of “Networking – Guia de Sobrevivência Profissional” (Networking – Professional Survival Guide), edited by Edições Sílabo 2009, by Filipe Carrera.

As special guest at this book signing will be present Dr. Eduardo Catroga (author of the preface) and Paula Machado (RDP journalist).

In the world one lives in being competent is not enough: one needs market recognition. A professional of excellence cannot be confined to his space, so networking has become indispensable as an intelligent method of managing contact networks.

This book is intended for all professionals who want to push their careers and businesses forward. For this purpose, simple and efficient networking techniques are presented, with the goal of preventing crises and performing a well-succeeded personal and business plan.

Throughout this book, you will be able to find multitude of examples of situations experienced by the author and by professionals from 18 countries, in different backgrounds, situations, countries, and cultures, thus illustrating the various tools and techniques presented.

A particular emphasis is given to the use of new technologies in networking, chiefly the tools made available by Web 2.0; within this environment, you may find a Facebook page (Networking – Your guide for professional survival) which works as an interactive space between the readers and the author and provides access to new resources in multiple formats.

Friday, November 06, 2009

The Great Romanian Tour

From October 25 till November 4 I had the opportunity to deliver seminars and trainings in Bucharest and in Iasi.

On the October 26 I had a press conference followed by the Art of Networking seminar which was attend by around 70 people.

Two days after I was delivering JCI Presenter in Iasi, where on the 29 I deliver a second Networking seminar to 100 entrepreneurs sponsored by Post Privatisation Foundation of Romania.

Also I had the opportunity to deliver two seminars about Self-knowledge at the JCI Romania National Conference.

Finally on November 2 and 3 I was Head Trainer of JCI Trainer, in Iasi.

It was a great experience thanks to a great organization and great participants. I will for sure repeat great Romanian Tour.