Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Wonderful Gala Night

A Gala Night with so many friends, after great trainings, receiving two awards and the ITF plaque is a dream that came true.

In the photo beside you can see my wonderful training project directors from left to right: Aurelija Muzaite-Zavanelli (JCI Lithuania), Ela Burcu Ucel (JCI Turkey) and Eda Suurorg (JCI Estonia).

To make things even better during the Gala, the Portuguese team won the match against Turkey in the Euro 2008, which made me loose the rest of voice I had from the awards.

Receiving ITF Plaque

Just before Gala Night I was deeply honoured by receiving my ITF Plaque from Edson Kodama (Secretary General of JCI) and Nicole Van Hooy (Coordinator of JCI University Europe).

For me being ITF is recognition of a work well done, but also a responsibility to help others to achieve the same level in JCI University.

The Unforgettable Awards Night

Being in the same night awarded as Most Outstanding Trainer in Europe and the project I developed with JCI Lithuania and NATO being awarded the Best International Development Program was at least unforgettable.

These awards are to share with all the participants in my trainings and namely with my training project directors Aurelija Muzaite-Zavanelli (JCI Lithuania), Eda Suurorg (JCI Estonia) and Ela Burcu Ucel (JCI Turkey), with whom I had the opportunity to take a photo during Gala Night.

Trainers Reception

Trainers reception is always a great moment for trainers to celebrate a work well done in a conference.

Danish Night a great time to celebrate

After doing my all my trainings, the Danish night was a great moment to celebrate great training experiences.

Also it was a pleasure to taste drinks and food from Denmark, Estonia, Iceland and Norway.

The Art of Networking – Having fun and training

On the afternoon of June 6 with the help of my good friend Kai Roer we delivered a 3 hours training “The Art of Networking – Go Beyond Expectations”.

I had so much fun, great participants, more than 50; many of those attended also my JCI Presenter course, so it was training among friend that wanted to learn and have fun in the process.

The German-Hungarian Night

After a day of training, nothing better than to go party, but not too late because next day is training day again.

It was a great time to see great friends in a fun environment.

Being Head Trainer at JCI Presenter

In Turku I had a fantastic experience by being Head Trainer of JCI Presenter, that was only possible with two great Assistant Trainers, Ismail Haznedar (JCI Turkey) and Kai Roer (JCI Norway) aka Mr. Freeze.

But a training course is only great with great participants and we got the best twelve, thank you all.