Monday, March 19, 2007

Filipe Carrera back in Lithuania

Continuing the International Training Project in Lithuania Filipe Carrera was back on Lithuania to carry out more training on Networking and Self-Knowledge, this time in Siauliai, Panevezys and Vilnius. The seminars were a great success.

In the beginning of the Networking seminar, Aurelija Zavanelli, a coordinator of the project, made a speech that explained the purpose of the Filipe Carrera’s visit:

"After our country has entered European Union it clearly became a part of the world. That means that we will face many more possibilities than we did before as well as more threats. The world outside is not better or worse than here; there is just much more of everything, including good and bad. This may look scary in the beginning, especially for those who had no contact with the “outside” world before. Fortunately, in JCI organisation we have a possibility to learn about the outside world without really taking a risk of leaving our home country. In this case, we won’t even leave Siauliai. Today we will learn about networking from a Portuguese lector who calls the world his home for already many years.”