Tuesday, October 07, 2008

And Now JCI Italy Conference!

After a short stop in Portugal, after coming from Iceland, it was time to fly to JCI Italy conference that was held in the beautiful Varese area, near Milan.

Varese, a region with big aeronautic tradition, gave the theme to the conference, even the two trainings that I delivered, Networking and e-Marketing, follow the theme.

The reactions to the seminars were great, with many requests to do it again in other regions of Italy and Switzerland.

A special thanks to Emanuele and Chiara for all the good care they had with me.

Being at the Most Northern JCI National Conference

It was great pleasure to discover a wonderful country that is Iceland, a country that only is cold in its name, because the water is hot and the people are warm.

Also it was a great experience to be the invited trainer for the National Conference JCI Iceland a true Viking event, full of opportunity to meet all of my Icelandic friend, that was held between the 26th and 28th of September.

I delivered my Networking training with great results, thanks to the help of two good friends, Aldis from Latvia and Arni from Iceland, which gave me the privilege of having them as my assistant trainers.

Also a special thanks to Helgi (the best tour guide in Iceland), Anna Maria and Brigit for creating a great Icelandic experience for me.