Thursday, November 29, 2007

Carrera Seminar and Portuguese Air Policing Mission Presentation in Siauliai Municipality

Under invitation of JCI Siauliai, about 60 members of Siauliai community attended Filipe Carrera’s seminar “Self Knowledge – The Key For Success” followed by a presentation of the Commander of Portuguese Air Policing mission in Baltics.

This event was organized by JCI Siauliai and was held in the afternoon of November 26 in Siauliai Town Hall. Both the seminar and presentation had a very warm environment thanks to good participation of the audience.

Coordination Meeting with Lithuanian and Portuguese Air Forces

In order to finish coordinating project activities, a meeting was held on the Monday morning (November 26) among Lieutenant Agné Balciauskyté (PR officer of Lithuanian Air Force), Major Gonçalves (PR Officer of Portuguese Air Force), Aurelija Muzaite-Zavanelli (JCI Lithuania) and Filipe Carrera (JCI Portugal) in Siauliai Air Base.

It was a very productive meeting done in high spirit of cooperation.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back to Lithuania and this time with… NATO

Yes, I’m back to Lithuania, after JCI Lithuania winning the Best European Project Award for training project in which I had honour to be the trainer. This time the challenge was to do it again but in unusual way. Once again, I have the great support of Aurelija Muzaite-Zavanelli (JCI Lithuania) who was a coordinator of JCI/NATO project series.

This time Portuguese Air Force supported the project because they are in Lithuania from the 1st of November till 15th of December to defend the airspace of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia under NATO mission, using famous F-16 fighter planes.

Today, for the first time in my life I did two military flights to come to Lithuania. I came with the troops and tomorrow our work will start.